Strangers Assume My Girlfriend Is My Nurse

Shane Burcaw


With his signature wit, twenty-something author, blogger, and entrepreneur Shane Burcaw is back with an essay collection about living a full life in a body that many people perceive as a tragedy. From anecdotes about first introductions where people patted him on the head instead of shaking his hand, to stories of passersby mistaking his able-bodied girlfriend for a nurse, Shane tackles awkward situations and assumptions with humor and grace.

On the surface, these essays are about day-to-day life as a wheelchair user with a degenerative disease, but they are actually about family, love, and coming of age.

Shane Burcaw is one half of the hillarious YouTube duo, Squirmy and Grubs, which he runs with his girlfriend, now fiancee, Hannah Aylward

Audrey·May 1, 20195.0 out of 5 starsVerified PurchaseFormat: HardcoverShane Burcaw will make you laugh out loud over and over!I knew Shane was funny from watching his YouTube Channel Squirmy and Grubbs, in which he and his girlfriend Hannah document their daily lives. His new book “People Think My Girlfriend Is My Nurse” is hilarious! You can buy this book to learn more about this super interesting guy Shane, and his life with a severe disease, or you can buy this book to laugh your ass off!
Shane, you are the best! Thank you for putting up with all of us folks who lived our whole lives not knowing very much about people in wheelchairs because we didn’t know what to say and we didn’t take the time to educate ourselves. Thank you for putting yourself out there and using your abilities to their fullest potential to teach us! And thank you for using your brilliant sense of humor to do it! We are not worthy!
Shane and Hannah, thank you for documenting Shane’s life as a differently-abled person, and your lives together as an interabled couple. You guys are so normal! But you are also very, very special. Don’t stop writing. Don’t stop sharing.VS·April 30, 20195.0 out of 5 starsVerified PurchaseFormat: Kindle EditionAmazing , read it in one sitting!I randomly found your vlogs on YouTube one night with my husband and instantly fell in love with your channel! Especially your relationship with Hannah! So 1st I started following you guys on Instagram..then I bought your 1st book…love it! So of course I preordered the newest one! I’m a little sad I ordered it via ebook since I saw the vlog about the signed hardcovers one after the fact…anyways I woke up to it downloaded and haven’t put it down all day! Love your writing skills! And I can’t express How much I absolutely loved the part about the edibles!! So Again Amazing job, and can’t wait to continue to watch and read about Hannah and your journey! Xo


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