Even If You Don’t: A Love Story

Bryan C. Taylor (Author, Narrator) Kailen Combs Taylor(Author) CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform(Publisher)


Number one best seller in love and loss.

Even If You Don’t is not a cancer story – it’s a love story. And even more than that, it’s the awe-inspiring life story of Kailen Combs Taylor.

Kailen lived with a perpetual sense of wonder, maintaining immutable joy and resilient hope in the midst of some of life’s most barbaric trials.

Narrated with heartrending candor, this harrowing love story will make you laugh and cry, often at the same time. And long after you finish listening and fall back into the hectic fray of life, you may find Kailen’s message still resonates in your heart: that life can be a fairy tale, even when it’s a tragedy.



Vickie L Thomas

Wonderful read. As a Christian I loved this bookMarch 17, 2018Verified PurchaseFormat: PaperbackWonderful read. As a Christian I loved this book. As a nurse I loved this book. As a person I loved this book. It is a love story that everyone needs to hear. Especially anyone with a loved one with a cancer diagnosis. And most likely everyone will be in that situation at some point in their life. It spoke to me on so many levels. I loved having both perspectives- hers dealing with cancer and his dealing with his true love dealing with cancer. I would recommend this book to every human to read. Be sure and have tissues close when you do. It really stirs your emotions, for this couple, for your own faith, and for all those you love. It was a blessing.

Magan Atwood

This book is a beautiful love story of a couple that shares a love …February 3, 2018Verified PurchaseFormat: PaperbackThis book is a beautiful love story of a couple that shares a love that endures all odds. It is also a story of having faith in God in the midst of hopeless situations. I couldn’t put it down. I wanted to keep reading even when the book ended. I couldn’t get enough of their story. Bryan, the author, writes with passion and truth. I felt like I was right there with them and identified so much with the struggles of trusting God even when he doesn’t answer prayers the way I would want him to.

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