DELL Optiplex Desktop with 22in LCD Monitor (Core 2 Duo 3.0Ghz, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Windows 10), Black (Renewed)

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Diana Allen·June 15, 2018

5.0 out of 5 starsVerified PurchaseVery pleased!We were very pleased with the looks of this computer, as well as how it operates. It’s refurbished so we were a little worried, but it runs like new! The packaging was great, and there was plenty of communication from the seller about delivery and set-up. We would very definitely order a computer like this again

Erin P·January 18, 2019

4.0 out of 5 starsVerified PurchasePretty good value! But….This is a pretty good system with great specs for the price! I purchased it from Amazon/Skytech as a gift for a family member knowing full well that the recipient wasn’t going to do much with it other than surf the net and print out bills. Shipment came very quickly and all of the components were packaged extremely well. The workstation itself was the Dell Optiplex as pictured, and all of the peripherals (mouse, keyboard, monitor and stand) were brand new but an off brand I had never heard of. Set up was fairly easy, aside from the fact that the stand that came with the monitor had a mount that needed assembly (you actually had to mount the monitor to the stand) and it was a little cumbersome. Wasn’t thrilled with the fact that in order to adjust or raise the monitor, you had to unscrew a connector on the back of the mount. But that wasn’t really a big deal.

Aside from them monitor assembly, I was pretty impressed at how quickly it was to get the workstation running! After I put it all together, it was up and running in under 10 minutes. I got on a few websites (google, msn, amazon) to test out the speed and it really zipped along!

Then… within an hour, it happened…. an ear piercing “BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!” to which my family at the other end of the house responded with “WHAT is THAT????” This was followed by a pop up window which appeared to be from microsoft (but was not) directing me to download something or call a number. I did a Control-Alt-Delete and closed the window… hoping it was just a fluke, downloaded Malware Bytes and ran a scan which turned up clear.

We went out of town for a few days and didn’t use the computer. But the next time we did, within 15 minutes, a different, brightly colored window popped up, and a woman’s echoey voice saying, “Your computer has been locked. You have a virus. Do not attempt to close this window. You can unlock your computer by calling… ” (Another control-alt-delete). We continued to use the computer fora few days, and every so often, even when NOT in use, that notification would come again. So much that we had to keep the speakers off when the computer was idle.

I called the customer service number provided by Amazon to let them know what happened, and they offered to walk me through some troubleshooting, but I informed them that I really didn’t want to hang on to a brand new (to me) computer that arrived infected. They were nice enough to offer me a return with free shipping, which is the reason I am giving this 4 stars. (Can’t give a 5… sorry).

Have to admit, I was pretty bummed because this was a gift to someone in my family that they couldn’t use properly… I mean, when you order a refurb computer, you can expect a thing or two to be not-so-new, but I wouldn’t have expected a virus, had the hard drive been wiped prior to ship and we didn’t install ANY programs upon receipt. I am a little more bummed that even though I was able to return the workstation for full credit, I had to actually reorder/purchase a new one – prior to getting the refund.

I will say, though, that the level of customer service and the way that the issue resolved was very satisfactory. This was due mostly in part to the fact that this computer was a “Certified Refurbished” workstation and came with a 90 day warranty. VERY good… and my suggestion to anyone buying a refurbished computer off of Amazon, make sure that it was certified refurbished.

But again, very decent specs on this low $$ package!

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